At school we learn to read, add and subtract, history, writing, languages, technology and even to drive -where the autonomous car will redesign its learning-, but; who teaches us to follow a healthy lifestyle ?; What should we do to have a better quality of life? Do cities favor and are designed for a healthy life? Will technology be a means or an end?

We should educate from the coexistance perspective either from school, the house, parks, the beach, etc. However, educating in health does not only mean showing the importance of physical activity: learning to eat well (techfood), investigating which is the supermarket of the future is a reality due to new consumption habits and technologies (stores without boxes, artificial intelligence), tools such as screens, augmented reality and blockchain help day to day activities and facilitate household purchases, tasks in the kitchen, correct nutrition. But eating well and healthy should be part of a Smart ecosystem: learning to socialize, to control emotions, to manage good use of free time, etc. Even technology adapts to traditional stores with virtual testers and smart mirrors and we are forgetting that this technology can help facilitate good health with the necessary means.



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