The concept of Digital Game Thinking (TGD) is all about the playful aspects of the rationalized game and the set of digital game-like approaches to solving problems, its objective is to create better experiences that involve interactions in physical augmented or virtual environments.

Digital Game Thinking includes experiences such as Gamification, challenges oriented activities and motivated sessions using game elements. DGT animates, motivates and surpasses entertainment to achieve a specific goal, and the game or parts of a game can be an excuse to immerse in different levels of simulation.

Serious Games have also renewed potential in the DGT environment where the addition of pure entertainment, meaningful games and learning based training combine for a more specific part of the physical motor element. The central core of TGD is the experience, where we can find entertainment, not only fixed rules, and where winning or losing is not everything, but the “play first” actions and the objectives & rationalization that the session or Hub offers; with TGD Ludification happens in activities such as e-sports, transforming the event as a gasified from of video gaming & competitive practice.

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